Our vision

2015-07-12 14-37-12.1Since the dawn of history people have lived together.
They used to sit in a circle, warming themselves by a fire.
They exchanged experience and cared about each other.
Cooperation was the key to survival in the wild environment.
Earth was feeding them, so they called it Mother and worshiped as their own.

Time passed and the number of people grew.
Some started calling land ‘their own’.
Relations, views, laws began to change.
And so did the world…

People still live together.
But despite the overcrowded cities there is no room for nearness.
Territorial expansion and migrations have weaken the sense of bond.
Endless conflicts have divided people even further.
You can ask yourself – must it be this way?

Okrągłe Miasteczko, OM – is the idea of getting back to the original values and close relations.
OM can be understood literally as a place full of dome houses, but it also means a circle of surrounding us friends and families.
Moreover, “Om” is a sacred syllable considered as the finest essence or the cause of the Universe,
which corresponds to the idea of return to the roots – to what is most beautiful inside of us.