About us

Romek, Kamila and Piotrek – we are friends who started it all.

When we met, we began sharing and collecting our experience, and working out common values. We took active part in many social movements promoting the sharing economy.

Since then a lot has changed. We managed to redesign various aspects of our lives, and one of the results of our collaboration is the Okrągłe Miasteczko. Many new, wonderful people have joined this project, they give us great energy and will to keep going!

If you are one of them, if you feel that together we can make a difference, do not hesitate! You may write, call, visit or just talk to us during Tuesday meetings on Mumble. Remember – people appearing in our lives are not accidental, we attract them! So if you believe in the power of cooperation and want to live among friends, do not wait and let us know!

Kamila, Piotrek, Romek - okraglemiasteczko.net